Why you should apply a gutter guard in Perth – Gutter Masters.

Gutter Masters uses Blue Mountain Mesh which is the best product on the market


Applying gutter guards to your gutter installation is a wise investment. It is something Gutter Masters generally advises. This is going to give you piece of mind on all fronts. From a safety aspect, the gutter guard will prevent any leaves entering your gutters. This means it will save you time first and foremost. Perth residents are constantly up on ladders cleaning leaves out of gutters. Dry leaves as you may well know are a fire hazard. Gutter Guards remove this hindrance from your life or certainly reduce time up on a ladder. Climbing ladders can be dangerous and people have been known to be injured or in some cases lose their life. You are not just climbing a ladder. You are juggling tools and other interferences around the home.

Gutter Guards also help prevent blockages. Gutter blockages in Perth can lead to flooding. Flooding can lead to roof and celling damage. Water is the main cause of sagging and damaged ceilings. Once celling damage occurs this can lead to the actual contents of your house being damaged. I hope you can see where we are going. Gutter guards will add safety to your new gutter installation.

Pest Control

Having an unprotected gutter in Perth can lead to uninvited guests. Possums, rats, mice, birds and even snakes find your roof and great place to hang out or potentially move in. Gutter Masters gutter guard solutions will stop pests in their tracks. We form a protective blockade and make an obstacle that is too difficult for pests. Some pests will cost you money others are simply annoying or in worst case scenario make you ill. Installing our gutter guards will fix this for good.

Fire Protection

Perth summers are long and dry and it does not seem to get cooler once summer begins. This makes us one of the most fire prone places in the nation. Research shows that most houses that burn in bushfires are ignited from small embers in the leaves of house gutters. As mentioned earlier, keeping leaves from your gutters is a good start. Our gutters guards will help prevent these embers dramatically. This is another reason to install gutter guards in Perth.


Our Gutter guards are made of pure steel. Steel has more longevity than most materials on the planet. The durability has been university tested and passes Australian Standards. As with our gutter installations our gutter guards are built to withstand harsh Perth elements. Hail sun and storms your gutter guard will hold up and do the what it is supposed to. So, if you are in the hills or near the ocean or anywhere in Perth. Anywhere in the State of Western Australia. You can rely wholeheartedly on our gutter guards.

If you have any questions at all relating to this subject simply call us for sound advice or if you are installing gutters with Gutter Masters. Don’t hesitate to ask, thank you for reading.